Individual Therapy

Our individual life experience can challenge us in ways unique to our personal journey. I work with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, family and relationships issues. Many of my clients are experiencing the pain of going through transition be it the grief of a loved one or the process of going through divorce, children leaving home, or just adapting to changes in their  life.

I employ an eclectic, strength based and systemic approach to therapy, based on the needs of my clients. Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness practices underpin my therapy as both have been proven to relieve stress and anxiety.

My goal in treating my clients  is to help them  gain insight into their problems, help to relieve their suffering and distress, and improve their ability to achieve peace, fulfillment, growth, and satisfaction in their lives.

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) aims to help promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging people in treatment to be compassionate toward themselves and other people. Compassion both toward the self and toward others, is an emotional response believed by many to be an essential aspect of well-being. Its development may often have the benefit of improved mental and emotional health.  ( Good Therapy)